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At our progressive Naperville dental office, our dentists use what they consider the best of modern technology to deliver outstanding care. State-of-the-art tools increase your comfort and decrease the time you spend in the dental chair.

Dr. Gibson is a leader in the field of dentistry. She investigates new tools, techniques, and products and adopt the ones they feel provide the most benefits to our patients. Our high-tech office boasts:

  • Computers and TVs in all of the treatment rooms to view digital images and partner with the dentists to plan treatment
  • Cosmetic imaging for a sneak peak of your new smile
  • Digital photos to document your smile’s transformation
  • Digital X-rays for detailed images of oral structures that aid in efficient, accurate diagnostics
  • Electronic patient education, because informed patients make wise decisions
  • Soft-tissue laser treatments to recontour gum lines, treat gum disease, perform biopsies, treat cold sores, and more

Your smile deserves our best. By utilizing leading-edge technology, we provide dental care that’s fast, safe, and efficient. We save you time and deliver an amazing smile!

Call Smiles by Dr. Gibson & Associates today to reserve your personal appointment and experience Naperville cosmetic dentistry for an exceptional smile. Our Naperville dental office is convenient to Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville, Chicago, and surrounding areas. Naperville Cosmetic Dentistry at its finest. Exceptional Naperville Family Dentistry performed by a very compassionate team of Naperville dental professionals.

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