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If you experience chronic headaches, including migraines, the problem may be yourtemporomandibular joints (TMJ). These two small triangular-shaped bones reside in front of your ears and enable smooth jaw motion. Physical and emotional stress, bite misalignment, and injury can disrupt the function of these joints and result in headachesand other types of debilitating pain.

Proven Relief
The dentists at Smiles by Dr. Gibson & Associates offer FDA-approved prevention formigraine headaches. The NTI device is a custom-made oral appliance proven toeliminate headache pain. Studies show that 82% of patients diagnosed with migraine headaches experienced a 77% average reduction in headache occurrence during the first eight weeks of NTI use.

How does NTI work?
NTI-tss stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition. The device eliminates stress on the jaw muscles and reduces negative impulses transmitted by the nerves that tell the brain when the body sustains or is threatened by injury. When muscles relax into their ideal resting position and clenching and grinding halts, headache pain goes away.

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